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Chair Sparks Thorny Debate Among D Editors

Is Grange Hall's offering crazy or cool?

1 “Sweet Jesus. It’s like a crown of thorns for your tush.” David Radabaugh, Deputy Art Director

2 “Ouch! Talk about a thorn in your side. I think I had a nightmare involving this chair a few nights ago. The chair won.” Sarah Eveans, Online Associate Editor

3 “This might hurt. For the masochist who has everything.” Stephen Edmondson, Online Creative Director

4 “Beautiful and functional. In my house, the “time-out chair” would be put to use frequently—with my children and my wife.” Tim Rogers, Editor

5 “Great! The perfect housewarming present for my ex-husband and his new wife.” Nancy Nichols, Senior Editor

BUY IT Think Jeffrey Marion Lee’s My Neck of the Woods chair is more cool than crazy? It can be yours! $9,200. Grange Hall.  urbanflowergrangehall.com.