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The Art of Staying Cool in Dallas

This issue is full of advice enjoying the city both indoors and out.
photography by Stephen Karlisch

Is it hot in here, or is it just you? For some reason, every time I struggle to breathe in my hot, suffocating car, that terrible pickup line pops into my head. The heat has come on with a vengeance, my friends, and there’s only one thing to do: move to Aspen. If, however, you have a job, family, limited finances, or other pesky inconveniences that prevent you from loading up the U-Haul, fear not. We’ve devoted our entire issue to cool stuff—literally and figuratively.

Inspired by our friend Josie Cooner’s observation of turquoise, turquoise everywhere on her recent trip to Italy, we went out and found a number of blue-green baubles. We also decided to dedicate quite a few pages to glamour shots. Don’t worry—there’s nary a shot of me in a captain’s hat or boa. Instead we spent time at incredibly sophisticated residences in Bluffview and University Park. From there, we headed out of town for a lake retreat with Patty McCormack at her sleek Pottsboro home. We also asked Whole Foods for the skinny on what’s in season, and they gave us a divine recipe to boot. And in honor of our 10th anniversary—yeah, we’re going to be harping on that all year like the braggarts we are—we asked 10 of our favorite people “The Burning Question.” (That sounds much more ominous than it is.) Find out how local stylemakers like Beau Black, Holly Johnson, and Kelly Hardage keep cool during the summer.

Though you might be tempted to stay close to the air conditioning for the next three months, the great indoors can get a little old. We encourage you to venture out! Hit I-35, book a room at the Saint Cecilia, and check out a surprising number of chic home furnishing stores in Austin. You might just need that U-Haul we referenced earlier.

Closer to home, we visit the new and improved Napa Home, check out the very cool Mary’s Finds (run by our former intern Mary Padian), and the new Lula B’s outpost. We also present to you our Home Services Guide—a resource full of people who can make your time as a shut-in more comfortable.

So, after reading this issue, you should feel a whole lot cooler. As for the adage “never let them see you sweat”? That person never visited Texas in August.

As always, let me hear from you if you have questions, comments, or ideas!