NEW AND IMPROVED: Julia Elam inside the recently revamped Napa Home; Randolph Phillips’ custom-designed succulents and a one-of-a-kind teakwood console. photography by Alex Ham

Napa Home Gets a Fancy Makeover

Owners Randolph Phillips and Julia Elam celebrate their Oak Lawn hotspot's fifth birthday.

When Napa Home owners Randolph Phillips and Julia Elam moved their furniture and accessories shop from Austin to Dallas five years ago, they had no idea what to expect from their new clientele. They loved Austin’s laid-back vibe but were ready to grow in a bigger market. “We basically let Dallas let us know what to do,” Phillips says. “We just followed the needs and desires of our clients.”

To celebrate their fifth year in business and to mark their evolution from “that simple, grassroots company,” the mother-and-son team has given the store a stylish makeover.

"These were used as birdcages when we found them, but we decided they’d make great light fixtures." Julia Elam photography by Alex Ham
photography by Alex Ham
“We were ready to take it to the next level,” Phillips says. And that they did. In addition to a major aesthetic revamp, Phillips and Elam have added design services ranging from simple redecorations to full-on remodels. By adding small vignettes designed to look like different rooms of the home, they’ve made the space feel more like a showroom. Now clients can better envision what their home could be. There’s a living area, a garden section, and even a space devoted to men. “It’s kind of like having a bunch of mini-stores in one,” Phillips says.

They’ve also added more small furniture pieces and accessories. Think custom succulents designed in-house by Phillips, acid-etched metal artwork by Beth Weintraub, and organic driftwood sculpture. “The whole store has been enlightened,” Elam says. “It just has a great energy.”

Phillips says the redesign was a week of tremendous work but the great feedback they’ve gotten has made it all worth it. “Dallas has really embraced us,” he says. “We’ve been so blessed by this city.”

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