The Best of Everything 2010

It’s that time of year again—when the editors of D Home come together to nominate, argue, and, ultimately, pronounce judgment on our favorite people, places, and things in Dallas.

Best New Product: Studio Art

Best New Product
Does the very idea of picking up a paintbrush fill you with dread? Studio Art has the solution. They have created a line of leather wallcoverings that come in a variety of vibrant finishes and textures. The best part: they have adhesive on the back. Think stickers—magical, high-end stickers! Available to the trade at Innovations.

Best Anti-Florist: Haile Wossen photography by Stephen Karlisch
Best Anti-Florist (right)
Haile Wossen (469-360-3648) is not your mother’s florist. First, there’s the fact that he likes sticks. (He is doubly excited about sticks covered in moss.) And then there’s the fact that he maintains that flowers aren’t always the most appropriate choice. Nonfloral materials show up in his work a lot. Think driftwood, bundles of grass, string, thread, twine, and wood—“I love, love, love wood,” he says. And while the materials may vary, the results are always the same: absolutely gorgeous.

Best New Fabric (below left)
No wallflowers here—or chintzes, for that matter. Sabina Fay Braxton’s “Merit” is a fantasy fabric of velvet that’s hand-dyed, embossed, and then layered with flat and iridescent color. Available to the trade at Allan Knight & Associates.

Best New Fabric: Sabina Fay Braxton’s “Merit” (left) and Best Table Trend: Hudson (right) photography: fabric by Maxine Helfman

Best Table Trend (above right)
Eating organic is so 2000 and late. Now you should be eating on organic. Take these tables by Hudson—the natural organic shapes and inherent grain of the wood make everyone feel keen about going green. Available to the trade at David Sutherland.

Best New Showroom: James McInroe photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Best New Showroom
Forget the deluxe apartment in the sky. James McInroe is movin’ on up from the duplex on Hall Street to his expansive new showroom in the Design District. The designer offers incredible collections of modern and midcentury furnishings—all in one divine setting. James McInroe 4301 Vandelia St. 214-526-8078

Best Home Stager: Spiffi Decor

Best Home Stager (right)
At a time when sellers are employing every trick they can think of to ensure a quick home sale, there are tons of fabulous designers who are moonlighting as home stagers. Our friend and collaborator Cliff Ellman of Spiffi Decor has a fresh, modern approach—perhaps because of his editorial work—that separates him from the pack.