Henri Bendel Brings Fifth Avenue Glamour to Dallas

The famous New York retailer sets up shop at NorthPark Center.

If you’re like us, then the Henri Bendel flagship store in New York City is one of your very favorite places ever. The signature brown stripes inspire happiness. Fortunately, we can experience some of that Zen without having to book a flight. (The opposite of Zen.) The quintessential “girl’s playground” set up shop in NorthPark Center last September and brought with it a splash of Fifth Avenue glamour. The Dallas version of the upscale specialty boutique boasts Bendel accessories, gifts, and personal care collections. Think floor-to-ceiling displays of colorful bangles, shelves upon shelves packed with the latest handbags, and an entire section devoted to sweet treats. Once you’ve stacked your arms with bracelets and stuffed your tummy with goodies, turn your attention to some treats for the house such as Bendel’s famous home fragrances and candles. If they’re good enough for Ellen DeGeneres, Blake Lively, and Beyonce, they should do very nicely for you, too.

Living in Style

Fendi Casa brings high fashion home.

If you can’t get enough of Fendi’s handbags and accessories, get ready for this. fendi casa, the international fashion brand’s home furnishings collection, is opening a showroom in Dallas. Much like the fashion line, home decor here is both cutting edge and timeless. (Some pieces even feature the famous “double-F” logo and the Spy bag fastener.) But the collection includes more than just luxurious handcrafted furniture—it also boasts bedding, accessories, and a new outdoor line. Fendi Casa. 1617 Hi Line Dr., Ste. 240. fendi.com.