Tim Loecker and Justin Kettler “love the livability of the ranches. They are so functional with so little work.”

Meet Dallas Ranch Hands Tim Loecker and Justin Kettler

These guys are saving mid-century Dallas ranches—one house at a time.

This month, we salute Tim Loecker and Justin Kettler for saving midcentury North Dallas ranches one house at a time. Their mission began with a 2,400-square-foot cottage on Cromwell Drive. They flipped that and followed it up with two more projects, including a 4,000-square-foot abode on Princess Lane that had ADA-approved wide doorways and handlebars. Today the guys are working on a house on Bobbitt Drive. So, why ranches? They have good bones. They were built with an infrastructure of slow-grown, sturdy wood and basic floor plans that are easy to open. Both guys dig in with sledgehammers and nails and get knee-deep in sawdust. At our photo shoot, Loecker had a gash on his forehead from a truant I-beam, which he displays like a battle scar at his job as a vice president for a global public relations firm. (Kettler doubles as a regional manager for a financial services company.) “We love the livability of the ranches,” Loecker says. “They are so functional with so little work.”


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