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Letter From The Editor: I Hate Making Mistakes

photography by Stephen Karlisch

The magazine business is a heartbreaker. Every month or so, after we’ve shipped off our stories to the printer, I’m excited. I’m feeling confident. I know that we’ve chosen the best interiors, told the greatest stories, come up with the most hilarious headlines and kickers, and it’s high-fives all around. And then the nightmares begin. Did we remember to make the change to the real estate listing that had the last-minute price reduction? Did we verify that the chair was a Louis XVI-style rather than a Louis XIV? Did we use “Avenue” as opposed to “Street”? And in the days before the magazine is sent to our subscribers, pre-prom-ish excitement slowly evolves into Carrie-like horror and doubt.

So, you can imagine my sadness when I received a call from Bruce Bernbaum, prominent architect and friend of D Home, shortly before the July/August issue was set to hit stands. Bruce was not happy with me, and who can blame him? See, we did a story about how difficult renovation can be, and we wanted to include the perspective of a professional. Who better than an architect with years of experience? The piece was entertaining. The art was adorable. Unfortunately, all of that became meaningless because we referred to him as “Mark.”

That’s a bad day for a lot of people.

So, apologies to Bruce and to you, our readers. I urge you to go online and check out the story with the proper name of the star of the show.

All of that is to say that I’m excited about our current issue. Though we’re not perfect, I’m confident that you are going to love getting a tour of the fabulous homes belonging to designers Neal Stewart and Lori Golman. You are going to die over the incredible products Peggy Levinson has tracked down. You might even be up for a debate after you see our selections in the “10 Most Beautiful Houses” feature.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll reach out to me and talk about it all—including everything we’re doing wrong. (But I’d mostly like to hear about what we’re doing right. That helps with the nightmares.)


Laura Kostelny

Executive Editor, D Home
[email protected]