FULLY FURNISHED: Two (of a set of four) black lacquered French-style club chairs. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Antiques Moderne in Dallas Brings Fab Finds Back to the Future

The relative newcomer to Industrial Boulevard has become the go-to shop for midcentury furniture and accessories.

1960s Curtis Jere abstract wall sculpture with a 1970s brutalist owl and a 1950s baluster ceramic gold lamp. photography by Elizabeth Lavin
Industrial Boulevard is quickly becoming the go-to street for midcentury-modern finds, and relative newcomer Antiques Moderne very much maintains that spirit. Here you’ll find 12,000 square feet filled with vintage furniture, accessories, and lighting from periods ranging from the 1940s through the 1970s. Why those particular years? “It’s the Art Moderne period—a time of high craftsmanship coupled with the greatest boom in history,” explains owner John Bacile. “That combination provides an endless variety of quality things for our homes and collection.” Bacile ought to know. He’s been in the business for more than 20 years. He says he’s partial to woods, “especially those with exotic veneers, like ash, pecan, and rosewood.” Don’t mind the nicks—the store offers refinishing, touch-up, or lacquering services on every wood piece. Upholstery services are available at cost and often customers can have their “new” chair back in four days or so. Service like that makes the treasure hunt that much more fun. 1208 N. Industrial Blvd. 214-215-9600.

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