Tyler Sweatman. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Tyler Sweatman’s Favorite Books

Tyler Sweatman, general manager at Mecox, shares with us his design book favorites.

1.  Jean-Michel Frank: The Strange and Subtle Luxury of the Parisian Haute-Monde in the Art Deco Period by Pierre-Emmanuel Martin-Vivier ($95). “The design world works the same as the fashion world. Everything comes around again if you just wait a bit. Most of the rooms in this volume are contemporary by today’s standards.”

2.  Michael S. Smith Houses by Michael S. Smith ($50). “It’s classic inspiration for every type of home from the current president’s designer. We can all have a bit of America’s greatest house in our own home.”

3.  Follies of Europe by Nic Barlow ($75). “It’s a collection of wonderful garden follies through the years, and it reminds me to not take things so seriously.”

photography by Elizabeth Lavin


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