photography by Clay Grier, Tinkerboxstudio

Found It: Blue Velvet Louis XI Bed

D Home scout: Clay Grier with tinkerboxstudio  The Mission: Find and photograph an antique that speaks to you.  The Find: Blue velvet Louis XVI bed (c. 1820). $13,000 at Country French Interiors.  What was the draw? I’ve always been drawn to the furniture in Stanley Kubrick films—specifically the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the middle of this room (behind the giant black monolith, of course) there’s a white French-style bed with a beautiful mossy velvet headboard, brilliantly integrated into the wall. Years later, I noticed Pam Grier’s plush bed frame in Foxy Brown. That’s why I chose this little beauty. And the way the bed is split in two sections begs some questions: Do I fill the frame with a mattress? Two single mattresses? Should they be together or across the room from each other? One antique. Two sections. It’s a bit of an antique odyssey.  


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