Ted Kincaid: Where he’s from: I was born in Chattanooga, Tenn., and was raised in Dallas. Where he studied: BSA from Texas Tech, MFA from University of Kentucky. Good genes: “My family is artistic in a roundabout way—the older generations. They’re from North Carolina, and they were good at making quite a few things.” Mr. Spock inspiration: “I remember seeing a picture of Big Foot on In Search Of… with Leonard Nimoy. I loved the fact that you could have a photograph of something that never existed. People think of photographs as factual, but they really are as subjective as anything else.” Picture perfect: Kincaid’s art is based on a photograph’s ability to lie. “I take real photos that look fake, and I digitally paint fake photographs that look real.” why his work LOOKS familiar: Neiman Marcus has acquired more than 50 of his pieces. Where to buy his work: Marty Walker Gallery. www.martywalkergallery.com. photography by James Bland

Dallas Artists Captured in James Bland’s Lens

When photographer James Bland began looking around town for a new project, his focus quickly settled on the art scene. “It’s amazing how many awesome artists we have in Dallas and Fort Worth. I love art, and I thought it would be fun.” So Bland began the cold calling—he didn’t know any of the 44 artists before the project began, “although I’m lucky enough to count a couple of them as friends now,” he says. The project didn’t disappoint. “It’s a celebration of what we have here and a tribute to how hard these artists work,” he explains. See the exhibit in its entirety at the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas, April 28 through May 3. And to experience the Dallas art scene even further, check out the D Art Slam, May 29-31. www.d-artslam.com.


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