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Nuvo Co-Owner Jeff Wright Shares His 10 Favorite Things

Where can you buy some of Wright’s essentials? At his Cedar Springs shop, of course.
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Holiday cards: For holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, we have special cards that are around $100, some with semi-precious stones.

Dining out: I love the Caesar salad and beef tenderloin with smashed potatoes at Parigi. I’ve lived in Dallas for 21 years and I’ve been enjoying this for even longer than that. I love Stephan Pyles for special occasions, and I think Avila’s on Maple has the best Mexican food in town.

The East Coast: Most of my out-of-town time is spent in New York. I really enjoy that city. For a true getaway I go to my friends’ country house in The Berkshires. It’s beautiful, totally relaxing, and there’s no cell phone service.

The best “other store”: Aero, Thomas O’Brien’s boutique in SoHo in NYC.

Stationery and photo albums: People don’t really use them anymore—everyone e-mails and has digital photos these days.

My neighborhood: I love what’s happening on Cedar Springs with the new Ilume apartments. I live in Oak Lawn and I love the convenience of it. I wouldn’t want to live in any other part of Dallas. Almost everything I need is here, except Central Market.

Cooking: It’s important for me to have a good commercial stove. Mine is a Garland.

Downtown Action: I love the excitement of what’s happening in the Arts District. A friend from the East Coast came for a visit recently, and it was his first trip to Texas. He couldn’t believe how modern and exciting Dallas is.

Collecting: My obsession is glassware and barware. I like to have special and different glasses to drink from, so I have hundreds of them—for wine, scotch, port, everything. I think cocktails should be about the entire experience, not just the drink.

Grooming Goods: Every day I use Proraso Italian shave cream—I think it’s the best. And my favorite soap is Lightfoot’s English athletic soap. We sell both at Nuvo, of course.