Friday, March 31, 2023 Mar 31, 2023
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Market Watch

By Mary Candace Evans |

Negative national real estate and financial news is finally making a mark on our market. We’re seeing slower sales, price reductions, and inventory oversupply in some areas. But Dallas can breathe easy on two counts: Our property values are not in serious decline, and our high-end market continues to flourish. Higher fuel costs are bringing consumers back into the city: Could it be that $4-plus-per-gallon gas will be the catalyst that creates a thriving downtown? More good news: Dallas has jobs, which means we continue to attract transplants. The national buzz from a house-hunting incumbent president doesn’t hurt either. After the dust settles from the subprime mess, we should be back in the saddle and ready for brighter days. Next time around, however, agents tell me they’re going to hold the reins a lot tighter.

Mary Candace Evans
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