Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We’ve been pretty good all year in Dallas. Maybe a few naughty girls and boys fibbed on loan applications, inflated stated incomes, but not us. Others borrowed against the surging equity in their homes and went on stellar vacations, but not us. For the most part, the Dallas real estate market has been a pretty steady ship. Sure, sales are down from last year’s frenzy, a few overdeveloped areas are hurting, and our foreclosures are up. And Dallas homebuilders are shelving their hammers so that we can absorb inventory. Last month, Coldwell Banker asked home sellers to (voluntarily) slash prices by 5 percent for a 10-day sales event to get properties moving. Homes are on the market an average of six months, sellers are more flexible, and houses are selling. (Someone even bought Jonas Woods’ 10,000-square-foot penthouse at the W!) So the days of Monday night sidewalk camp outs and fistfights over the new MLS listings are over—that’s okay. Here’s what I’m asking for: just get us through this storm. We promise solid buyers who can really afford homes. Merry Christmas!

Mary Candace Evans
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