A Doggie Door That Discriminates

We love our pets as much as—or maybe even more than—our kids. Real estate agent Carolyn Shamis has a fireproof doggie door in The Plaza. For you, there’s Solo, a custom-sized pet door that is choosy about who gains entry. Ordinary doggie doors allow just about anything that can fit through an 8-by-10-inch opening to slither on in—be it neighborhood mutts, raccoons, or even tiny burglars. But Security Boss Manufacturing makes insulated, lockable doggie doors made of tear-resistant, reinforced industrial vinyl, and Solo Automatic Opening Door takes it a step further with a discriminating doggie door that opens only when the pet wearing the magnet-triggered collar approaches. The door is motor-driven on the way up. Gravity brings it down, reducing the chance of injury to tortoise-slow pets. Both are available at www.moorepet.com—so you can install a Security Boss in the garage and Solo in the laundry room. At last, the pure-bred Cavalier can dash in the house and leave the Labrador behind in its dust.


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