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Conversation pieces

Joel Cooner’s newly expanded gallery gives him room to show off his collection of antiquities.
By Peggy Levinson |
ART-TO-ART TALK: (Top left) 19th century South Indian temple ring, $3,800, and 10th century Cambodian Khmer bronze palanquin set, one of three complete sets in the world, $96,000; (top right) Joel Cooner surrounded by tribal masks, vessels, and temple artifacts.
photography by Vanessa Gavalya

Everything is illuminated: Joel Cooner’s new light-infused gallery has a recessed garden walkway that leads to a long row of windows at the entrance. The front room features grand picture windows that lend warmth and a living room atmosphere to the space. Cooner’s showplace expansion enables him to showcase all of his unique, best-of-kind antiquities in four room-like settings, complete with Cassina and Knoll seating. Relax on a Mies chaise and imagine taking home the exquisite set of double bronze ornaments for your credenza or the tribal masks and shields for that wall above the fireplace. Cooner’s keen eye for quality artifacts, which he travels the world to buy, has garnered him a stellar reputation among clients and dealers. His collection is so extensive that he rotates special pieces, never duplicating the arrangement. The new space is purposefully user friendly. “I want people to realize they can have real, original pieces in their homes and not have to settle for copies,” Cooner says. “My pieces have a story. They are conversation creators.” 1605 Dragon St. 214-747-3603. www.joelcooner.com.