Art has a New Purpose

With the press of a button a canvas covers up the flat screen TV.

Art has a new purpose: to cover up the flat screen TV. With the press of a button, a canvas unfurls your choice of a famous painting, custom artwork, or family photograph. Find the remote, and Monet disappears. This dual-purpose space means TVs can be hung in formal rooms.

“TVs can be put into any room without compromising design aesthetics,” says Seth Lauritzen of Dallas Sight and Sound. Prices for the framed roll-up art start at about $3,000.

Engineers are also hiding speakers in walls, eliminating wall acne and those speckled in-wall grids.
“These are tools to facilitate design,” Lauritzen says. “In the past, it was difficult for builders to design around electronics, but now you can have both aesthetics and performance.”

Or as one builder put it: “We don’t buy art to match the furniture, but to conceal the TV.”


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