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Print and Save Our To-Do List for October

Everything you need to do around the house and in the yard.
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The Checklist

Everything you need to do in and around the house in October.


Thank you, daylight-saving time. Not only do we get an extra hour of sleep, but with the cooler weather, you’ll also want to spend more time outside. Make sure outdoor lights are working and replace burnt out bulbs.

Store summer togs and get winter clothes ready. Sort out anything that you (or the little ones) have outgrown. Donate your too-small garments to a local charity.

The time for curling up by the fire is almost here, so prepare. Have your chimney inspected for creosote buildup, which can cause a chimney fire. Any other cleaning and repairs can be done then. Book now and don’t wait until the holidays when the services are in demand, says Clint Sanner of Hale’s Chimney Cleaning and Repair.

Don’t discard the seeds when carving the pumpkins this Halloween. Toast them as a healthful snack that you and your kids can make together. Use Lawry’s Seasoning Salt (or your favorite seasoning) and toast them in a 375-degree oven for about five minutes or until they are crispy to your liking.
Take advantage of the changing foliage and add seasonal color to your table by creating a festive centerpiece out of leaves from your yard. Gum, maple, Bradford pear, and crape myrtle leaves should form the backbone of a colorful fall arrangement.

Plant pansy, celosia, flowering kale, and dianthus plants for winter blooms. Plant asters and mums for next year’s blooms.

Now is the time to lay seed for winter rye grass. Scalp your existing Bermuda grass, water the yard heavily, and fertilize to allow the seed to take root. Note: Winter Rye should not be used on St. Augustine lawns. You’ll need to water the yard every day until the grass is established and then switch to once or twice a week. The rye will die out as the Bermuda begins to grow back, ensuring a green lawn year-round.

Spring bulbs are now available at your nursery, but do not plant them until after Thanksgiving. Store bulbs in a cool place inside a paper bag for breathability. Keep in mind that some bulbs, such as hyacinth, tulips, and crocus, need to be chilled (in your refrigerator) for six to eight weeks before they are planted.

Plant fall vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

Feed your gourd fix at the Lakewood Garden Center pumpkin patch. The pumpkins started coming in at the end of September, and the center expects to get a couple thousand of them in all. They also have an extensive selection of corn stalks, mini-pumpkins, and other gourds, as well as crotons and mums to decorate the front porch and mantel.

Click below to download our list in pdf format.


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