New Kitchen Technology

Kitchens are about customization and technology. Loyd Zisk shows us the must-haves.

The Joy of Cooking

In the kitchen, it’s all about new technology, customized stone and glass countertops, and stainless steel appliances that do everything but set the table. Everything hides under the counter, including dish drawers and refrigerators. And if it’s not top-of-the-line, don’t even bother.

With independent arms that fully extend, this is an under counter storage system that works. “LeMans” from Hafele America Co, starts at $409 at


The automatic, freestanding Aeroccino makes hot frothy milk faster and easier than built-in professional units—at about one-third of the price. $89.95 at
Stir fry, deep fry, steam, sauté, or grill with variable component cooktops. Vario 400 Stainless Series components range from $1,600 to $2,800 at
This powerful ventilation unit rises to the occasion and retracts into the cooktop. DD1 Down Draft at
Cooking all day in a conventional oven is passé now that the Miele Steam Oven seals in flavors and vitamins efficiently. Starting at $1,699 to $2,299 at
Unobstructed kitchen views and halogen lighting give this ventilation hood a futuristic appeal. The GE Monogram Glass Canopy Hood, starting at $1,159 at
Just call it command central for the kitchen, including sink, storage drawer, and food prep. Compatible with most hidden control dishwashers, the AquaCentre starts at $10,425 at
This faucet senses when you need water, even when your hands are too full to turn it on. “Parma” Hands-Free faucet, starting at $700 at
Turning the familiar kitchen drawer concept into easy to use, individual dishwashers, the Double DishDrawer, starts at $999 at
At about half the price of granite, ThinkGlass is a sleek, ultra-cool new look for contemporary countertops, approximately $140-$170 per square foot at


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