The Perfect Gift

Annie McClure incorporates her favorite objects and materials into gift wrappings.


photography by Ka and Jay Yeung

Annie McClure’s collection of naturalist elements, vernacular furniture, and old scientific instruments is an unexpected surprise at Found Antiques, where we’ve admired her booth for years. Here, she’s incorporated some of her favorite objects and materials into gift wrappings and boxes for our holiday issue. McClure says: “I’m always in the backyard, looking at nature, gathering seeds from plants that I grow, picking up twigs and leaves. I believe that everyone already has enough ‘things’ in life, so I give my friends simple presents with wrapping that has more substance than what’s inside.” McClure, who resides in Shreveport, La., travels frequently to Texas to design unusual, naturalist-inspired interiors for friends and clients. Here, ice blue linen covers a box tied with fawn-colored, silk book binding ribbon. Ornamentation includes fallen leaves spray-painted bronze, river birch bark, reindeer moss, an antique metal ram, and an antique gold ocular piece. Contact Annie McClure at —REBECCA SHERMAN

photography by Ka and Jay Yeung

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: 1. Fungi with large acorns from a friend’s yard in East Texas, rose hips from California; 2. zinc drawer with old straw gentleman’s valet brush cradled in raffia; 3. vintage container holding reindeer moss, paperwhite bulbs, and small black box adorned by Tibetan spoon and bells; 4. oval gold box with pewter bird tray and wooden forks; 5. large gold box with bundle of fern bracken, a bronze water buffalo, and antique key and lock; 6. small gold box with oversized antique pin nib and paper from a 300-year-old journal, and candleholder from Scandinavia, made to clip onto a Christmas tree; 7. stack of small, red leather bound books, tied with twine and ornamented with a beach rock and compass; 8. book wrapped in handmade red, Chinese paper with vintage stamps and a copper Chinese bird; 9. underneath, a book wrapped in newspaper, which was spray-painted matte black, and ornamented with old stamps; 10. box tied with gray ribbon with vintage watch part, fungi, mosses, rose hips, and berries; 11. box tied in vintage, burgundy seam binding with an old prayer card of the Virgin Mary.


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