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Peggy Shares Her Artistic Picks

Our market editor Peggy Levinson shares her picks for artistic pieces.
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Art used to be relegated to paintings hung on the wall and admired from a distance. Nowadays it takes every form. I’m seeing it underneath my feet, on the dinner table, and as a perch for my glass.

— Market editor Peggy Levinson. E-mail Peggy at [email protected].

An embroidered organza table shawl can dress up the most battered surface. Handmade by Pakistani artisans and sold at Sabira Collection, $750.
Fort Street Studio’s Amorphous rug looks like an Impressionist painting, but it’s woven from wild silk, which is stronger and thicker than domesticated silk and allows for wonderful color subtlety in the dying process. Available to the trade at ID Collection.
A classic sunburst mirror design is updated with natural colored obsidian medallions set in antique brass or bronze. What spectacular reflections this creates when hit by light. From Ironies, available to the trade at Walter Lee Culp.
This elliptical cocktail table looks space-age, but it was made the old-world way, in a process that includes hand-rubbing black lacquer, which allows a red underglaze to show. Stratus Cocktail Table from Therien Studio is available to the trade at George Cameron Nash.
A rare ironstone china set from Ashworth/Masons dates from 1870 to 1890 and is inspired by Japanese Imari patterns imported to England in the 18th century. A complete set, it consists of more than 75 pieces. At Canterbury Antiques, $5,700.

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