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Christine Allison On D Home’s Facelift

Welcome to the new-and-improved D Home.
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Dear Reader
Our Facelift

Do you know the sensation “for me, something along the lines of a panic attack “of standing by while a lover opens a present? I think all of our staff is in holding-our-breath mode, at least figuratively, as we present a new-and-improved D Home, replete with new typography, departments, and columns. Like most people, we crave approval, and we are keen on you enjoying the changes we’ve made in your magazine.

Some of the changes won’t even register. For instance, we have renamed our front-of-book section Metro. It was Trade Secrets. I am confident that you never knew it was Trade Secrets, but editors obsess over such matters, and it bothered us that a lot of other magazines recently created Trade Secrets sections. So, bye-bye, copycats. Our Metro section will be newsy, fast-paced, and adamantly local. You’ll find shopping ideas, a calendar of events, a neighborhood to discover (it’s Harry Hines Boulevard in this issue where you’ll find great shopping amongst all of the, er, late night activity). You’ll also read Peggy’s Page, where market editor Peggy Levinson ventures out and brings back well-designed product at every price point. And in Eight Things You Can Learn from Donald Fowler,  a home-style guru from Stanley Korshak offers gems for living a more beautiful life.

Then, ta-da, we have our all-new real estate section. Whether it is on the sidelines of a soccer game in Plano or at dinner at Al Biernat’s, everyone in Dallas is talking about real estate. Senior contributing editor Mary Candace Evans is the best-read real estate writer in town, and we have devoted more pages to her lively coverage of hot properties, cool neighborhoods, second homes, and new trends. With D Home’s beefed up real estate section, you’ll get insights and news you won’t find anywhere else.

We introduce more practical advice with Ask Mr. Brooks, a question-and-answer page on remodeling and gardening topics (it’s a great read even if you don’t own a home) as well as a home maintenance calendar that will carry you through to our next issue, one of those hey-it’s-time-to-clean-your-gutters type of charts that I always find valuable, even as a veteran homeowner. On our back page, on a more ethereal note, you’ll find a treat: editor Rebecca Sherman’s debut column. In this issue, she confesses her naughty habit of keeping books loaned to her by trusting family and friends. Even her own mother!

Finally, design nerds will appreciate that we have introduced a new font called Gotham. That’s it, right there at the top of this page (and in most of our headlines). This new typeface reflects the fresh, friendly, and sophisticated magazine D Home aspires to be.

The editorial and design staff joins me in welcoming you to the new-and-improved D Home. Enjoy this issue, and let me hear from you.

Christine Allison
Editor and Publisher
[email protected]

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