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A Time To…Nap

Our favorite summer bed linens.
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Nod off in luxury in summer’s newest sheets. Butterfly and Dragonfly linens, D. Porthault. 85A Highland Park Village. 214-526-3545. Daisy Scallop linens, Hamburg House through Casa di Lino. 4026 Oak Lawn Ave. 214-252-0404. Violaine Lavender linens, Yves Delorme. 4270 Oak Lawn Ave. 214-526-2955. Fall linens, Hamburg House through Casa di Lino. Violet Bouquets linens, D. Porthault. Gelato linens, Linen Gallery. 7001 Preston Rd., Ste. 100. 214-522-6700. Photo by Manny Rodrigez

Photo by Steve Wrubel

Caring for Your Linens
Dallas-based interior designer and Parsons grad Adrienne Morgan developed a passion for beautiful linens while working in New York for noted designers John Saladino and Naomi Leff. Morgan loves to shop for luxury linens at Tuesday Morning, which carries a large collection from top European manufacturers. Here, she shares her tips on properly selecting and caring for fine sheets.

Fabric: Use 100 percent cotton (Egyptian cotton is ideal), which has a very long staple (rule of thumb: the longer the staple, the finer the quality). Long staple cotton also tends to increase in softness and luster after several washings.

Thread Count: Generally, the higher the thread count, the better the fabric. Good quality starts at 200.

Care: Wash linens on the gentle cycle, using a quality detergent.

Use the lowest heat setting. Heat weakens the linens and degrades the quality.

Limit the size of your load, and use the extra rinse cycle to be sure that all the soap is rinsed off.

Don’t wear anything to bed that can tear your sheets, such as jewelry.

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