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The Best Local Contract Designers

A survey of more than 2,000 designers reveals the 29 best local contract designers.
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The Best of the Best
These 29 local contract designers were voted by their peers as the best in the city.*

Jeannice Bazer, FASID 
Vida Sturbys Brown, IIDA 
David Cadwallader, ASID, RID 
Alice Cottrell
Paul Draper
Dierdre Duchene
Paul Duesing
Turner Duncan
Stacy Elliston, IIDA
Adrienne Faulkner
Deborah Lloyd Forrest, FASID 
Jo Staffelbach Heinz, FIIDA
Megan Hermann
Connie Jackson
James Kenner, ASID
Jim Looney, AIA, IIDA
Martha Maclay
Michelle Meredith
Carolyn Miller
Kimberley Miller
Dan Nelson
Reggi Nichols, IIDA
Carla Niemann, RIIDA
Vanessa Redman, ASID
Stacy Sawyer, ASID, IIDA 
Susan Seifert, AIA
Andrew Staffelbach, FIIDA, ASID, ALLIED AIA 
Trisha Wilson
Omniplan Architects
Cadwallader Design
Alice Cottrell Interior Design
Paul Draper and Associates
Vivian-Nichols Associates
Paul Duesing Partners
Duncan & Miller Design
RDH & Associates Inc.
Faulkner Design Group
Staffelbach Design Associates Inc.
Neiman Marcus
Wilson & Associates
Sawyer Design Associates
Looney & Associates
Martha Maclay
ZERO 3 Inc.
Michelle Meredith & Associates
Wilson & Associates
Duncan & Miller Design
Vision Design
Vivian-Nichols Associates
Leo A. Daly
Paul Duesing Partners
Sawyer Design Associates
Morrison Seifert Murphy
Staffelbach Design Associates Inc.
Wilson & Associates



* This list resulted from a survey of more than 2,000 local designers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of D Home.

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