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Recipes From Blue Mesa Grill, Sweet Basil Cafe, Cafe San Miguel, and Avanti

Readers request their favorite recipes from Dallas restaurants.
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Requested Recipes From Popular Dallas Restaurants

It would be great if you can find the recipe to Blue Mesa Grill’s raspberry bread pudding. My family loves it, and we’d like to be able to make it at home.
Richard Mahoney, Grapevine

Blue Mesa Grill’s Raspberry Bread Pudding
(serves 10 to 12)

 6      eggs, room temperature
 3      cups heavy cream
 1      ounce vanilla extract
 1      teaspoon ground cinnamon
 3/4   cup sugar
 2      cups frozen raspberries, thawed
 1      loaf Challah bread, diced
 1/2   cup heavy cream
 1/2   cup cajeta*

Lightly butter an 8-by-11-inch pan. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Distribute bread over the butter in the greased pan. Add the raspberries and mix with the bread. Pour egg mixture over the cake, moistening evenly. Press lightly. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, until pudding bubbles around the edges. Heat 1/2 cup heavy cream in saucepan and gradually add cajeta, stirring continuously. Serve sauce over pudding.

*Cajeta is available at Fiesta Mart and most other markets that have a Mexican food section.


I love Sweet Basil’s pasta messina! Any chance you could ask them for the recipe? I’d love to be able to make it whenever I want. Thanks!
Kristin Horvath, Southlake

Pasta Messina from Sweet Basil Café
(serves 4)

 1     pound penne pasta or angel hair pasta
 4     tablespoons olive oil
 1     ounce garlic
 1/4  cup pitted black olives
 3     tablespoons roma tomatoes, diced
 1/2  cup sliced mushrooms
 1/4  cup walnuts
 1/4  tablespoon salt
 1/4  tablespoon pepper
 3/4  cup of lemon butter (add more if necessary)
 1/4  cup feta cheese, diced

Cook the pasta until al dente set it aside. Heat olive oil in sautee pan over medium heat; add garlic, olives, tomatoes, mushroom, and walnuts. Sautee for 3 minutes. Add lemon butter, then toss with pasta and add feta cheese on top.


I’m hosting a cocktail party and looking for some fun drinks that I could make at home – maybe a twist on the regular margarita. Suggestions?
Linda Frank, Dallas

Café San Miguel Signature Pomerita
(serves 1)

 1/2  ounce squeezed lime juice
 1     ounce pomegranate juice
 1     ounce tequila sauza hacienda
 3/4  ounce of Grand Marnier

Mix and serve frozen or on the rocks.


Avanti Fountain Place’s crab cakes are sublime! Please try to get this recipe!
Megan Kapp, Irving

Avanti’s Crab Cakes
(serves 4)

 1  pound crabmeat (carefully cleaned for shell bits)
 6  ounces mayonnaise
 3  teaspoons yellow mustard
 1  cup bread crumbs
 1  teaspoon finely chopped shallot
 1  teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
 1  teaspoon Tabasco sauce
 4  tablespoons of olive oil
     Juice of 1 lemon
     Salt and pepper to taste
Thoroughly mix all ingredients except olive oil. Form into four patties of equal size. Lightly brown in large skillet over medium heat in olive oil.