Japanese Teahouse

A teahouse, modeled after those in Japan, is a simple reminder to seek calm during the hectic holiday season.

Rooms We Love

While living in Japan, Harlan Butt studied the tea ceremony. When he returned, he built this teahouse on his wooded property near Pecan Creek outside of Denton, copying as closely as possible the teahouses he had seen in Japan. The opening to the teahouse is half-size, because traditionally even the emperor must bow in reverence upon entering. “My intention was to create a small, peaceful retreat where I could practice the tea ceremony (which I rarely do now) and meditate (which I often do),” Butt says. “For me, it is calming and allows me to focus on my breathing and on being there, at that moment.” His daughter, Jaclyn Kim Butt, is pictured here.


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