A New York Field Trip And Three Great Dallas Properties

From the modern garage to a New York field trip with Dallas’ most powerful real estate agents, plus three great Dallas properties.

Price: $745,000
Address: 6934 Tokalon Drive
Zip: 75214
Listing Agent: Patti Marlow for Adleta Fine Properties,

3,025 square feet, 3/2.5/2-car garage/living/dining/library/ second living area. A pristine mid-century modern built in 1957, modeled after a Frank Lloyd Wright design, this contemporary house is located on one of the most desirable streets in the city, surrounded by rolling hills and lush trees. Partially updated with refinished hardwood floors, thermo windows, new appliances (including Sub Zero models), and granite tile counters and floors. Features include typical 1950s brick walls, built-ins, and an artichoke chandelier. Newly priced for those who appreciate the aesthetic value of clean architecture, low ceilings, and high windows.

Preston Hollow
Price: $2,995,000
Address: 5111 Park Lane
Zip: 75220
Listing Agent: Elaine Whitfield, the Dave Perry Miller team, Prudential Texas Properties, 214-534-1433

10,647 square feet, 5/7.2/living/1 kitchen and 1 kitchenette/3-car garage/basement media room and wine cellar/exercise room. This estate was built in 1940, but it has been significantly remodeled and updated. Its 1.27-acre lot and square footage make it an excellent value in the neighborhood of Dallas who’s who. (The Hicks spread is only a half mile away.) All the bells and whistles of high-end new construction are here “French limestone, hand-carved stone fireplaces, iron works, old world chandeliers, and a huge gourmet kitchen with center isle and copper prep bowl. The basement holds the exercise room, a kitchenette, media room, 1.5 bathrooms, and wine cellar and wet bar area. A spacious outdoor patio with wood burning fireplace will lull you into thinking you’re in the heart of the Hill Country.

Turtle Creek

Price: $159,900
Address: 3883 Turtle Creek Boulevard, unit 1704
Zip: 75219
Listing Agent: Kristian Peterson for Virginia Cook,
1,023 square feet, 2/2/living/kitchen/2-car garage space. This unit at 21 Turtle Creek soars above the trees and crowds with stunning views of Highland Park and all of Turtle Creek, for under $200,000. Updated with fresh paint and carpet, the owner is a high-profile Dallas public relations icon who has never touched the stove (she only eats out). There’s a large pool and community rooms. HOA dues of $586 per month include utilities, basic cable, management fees, blanket insurance, and the best part of living in a high rise on Turtle Creek Boulevard “valet parking.


In the Garage

Rubbermaid’s Track system keeps your garage as organized and stylish as your home.

It’s the last frontier. A vast jumble of junk has launched this primitive square footage (with serious identity issues) into your home’s top organizational challenge. The pitiful garage has become storage central for everything but cars. Now the garage has finally come into its own with specialized design consultants – companies such as Garage Tek and The Complete Garage.

With an expanding potential market, even the big boys such as Rubbermaid and Whirlpool Corp. are paying attention. Car buffs, who are particular when it comes to the tool bench, are usually first in line. Joining them are folks who simply crave attractive, well-organized garages that match their cars. One Preston Hollow couple ordered a custom three-coat industrial vinyl epoxy in red and black simulating granite for the floor; sleek stainless steel counters; laminated walls; and cabinets to match the red of their Ferrari and Porsche.

A 50-year-old garage with oil stains on the floor brings buyers down, says Bob Moran of Virginia Cook, who presents his buyer clients a garage makeover as a housewarming present.


The Ticker
The Ups & Downs of the Dallas Real Estate Market

Comcast has launched Real Estate TV, which offers continuous 20-second ads for North Texas properties.

As many as 20 percent of foreclosures in North Texas are under water: The owner owes more than the property is worth.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT Despite the influx of Katrina victims, Dallas (and Texas) remains one of the nation’s most affordable housing markets.

LONG, HOT SUMMER Total record-breaking pre-owned U.S. homes sales last summer: June, 7.35 million; July, 7.15 million; and August, 7.29 million.


Candy’s Dish

Kenny Goss and George Michael are shedding their stunning Turtle Creek high-rise digs and eyeing a Bluffview property with plenty of yard for their dogs. Boone Pickens and wife, Madelyn Paulson, purchased the $5 million Preston Hollow home of Janie and Cappy McGarr.


My Big Apple Field Trip
Our real estate reporter joins the biggest names in Dallas real estate on a visit to Exhale, the hottest spa in New York City. What a workout!

My job is to report on Dallas real estate. I reminded my editor of this when execs at The Residences at Hotel Palomar asked me to hop on a private jet to experience NYC’s Exhale spa with 14 major real estate agents. I insisted that the trip was pure research: After all, I’d be in close quarters with some of the biggest names in Dallas real estate. How else would I hear rumors that the first family might be building in our fair city, or that George Michael is looking in Bluffview?

But I wasn’t just there for the dish: With its $90 million renovation, Palomar is bringing Exhale to Dallas”just one of the luxe services Palomar residents will have at their fingertips, along with all the amenities of a Kimpton hotel and Trader Vic’s Restaurant. Juli Harrison, Kyle Crews, and Pat Harloe thought a field trip would be just the thing.

Granted, it was a field trip with 14 brilliant negotiators. The deal-making began before we landed at Teterboro. First, the group persuaded our hosts to move dinner up to allow an extra hour of shopping. Genius! Most of us hit Fifth Avenue, where Erin Mathews (in Marc Jacobs), Ralph Randall, Doris Jacobs (no relation to Marc, she wore Chanel), and Marianne Morris speed-shopped for couture. Ellen Terry taxied to the Garment District and bought six pairs of shoes in an hour. Joe Kobell went to Fauchon for tea and Fleur de Sel. Carole McBride, Mayo Redpath, and yours truly spotted Marcia Cross aka Bree Van De Kamp at Bergdorf. Think it’s tough to find a taxi in midtown during rush hour? While I waved my arms like an idiot, Doris snapped her fingers and a taxi appeared. Mayo, Marianne, and Carole negotiated a $40 rickshaw ride down to $10. And as they were shopping, walking, and hailing, their cell phones were ringing up the deals back in Dallas. If the pilot had let them use their cells during flight, half of Highland Park would be under contract.

After cosmopolitans and dinner at the Silverleaf Tavern, we sank into our plush, turned-down beds at 70 Park Avenue Hotel, a Kimpton hotel. The next morning we were chauffeured to Exhale, which is quite the scene for celebs. Of course, the last thing I wanted was to tone at 8:30 a.m. EST. We were on the floor, in the air, and at the barre on tiptoe plis led by a former dancer for the New York City Ballet. Our reward was a massage, if we were still breathing. Initially, I felt like someone had unfurled my spine, but the full effect would come later. Tell the truth, Candy, said Ellen Terry, a former Hockaday PE teacher who sailed through the class like Tinkerbell. The truth is that I unsuccessfully begged my physician husband to call in Vicodin for three days. The agents, meanwhile, were all ready to sign on the dotted: Dallas, they agreed, is going to love Exhale.

The trip taught me a lot. Some might believe that these power agents are throat-grabbing competitors, and it is true, they vie for jillion dollar deals. But I did not observe one royal taster, and there were no unfortunate accidents on the streets of New York. Not one.

By trip’s end, we had bonded over couture and cabs and shared an unforgettable spa experience. We agreed that W would be wise to follow Palomar’s lead. Gabriel Barbier-Mueller’s Azure could fly us to Zurich for a test drive. The Ritz could take us to Paris. Research. I love it.


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