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Christine Allison On Our Shopping Issue

For our shopping issue, narrowing the field in a town known for its shopping was not easy, but the resulting list is sure to provide some great adventures.
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Dear Reader
Shop Around


My best friend came to Dallas recently, having set aside eight glorious days for us to share. Her visit was infused with a wonderful sense of leisure, allowing us to take in the Nasher, a Mavericks game, great restaurants, a couple of independent films, and endless beauty treatments. And, of course, we shopped!

At the same time (I love my job), contributor Loyd Zisk and the D Home editors were compiling a major shopping feature, so I had a mind-boggling list of places to take her. The story, which begins on page 76, inspired me to map out shopping adventures far different and more imaginative than I would have otherwise.

Dallas is shoppers’ paradise, no doubt about it, but like many people, I had fallen into the habit of frequenting a mere handful of stores, similar to my approach to dining out, where the where-should-we-go-tonight question has only six possible answers– in a city of 6,000 restaurants. Until I poured through our “Shopping Dallas” story (to which we devoted 18 pages!) I had no appreciation of the sheer volume of home and design stores in our city. The feature isn’t meant to be a phone book, but rather a select list of retail stores clustered in 11 distinct areas (including Plano and Frisco). The idea was to help our readers discover new shopping districts and revisit old favorites, take in lunch, and generally make a day of it.

Being a tourist in your own town is a great way to really experience Dallas, and that is a key aspect of D Home’s editorial mission –to help you live a deeper, richer life, right here, right now. Exploring home and design stores in a different part of the city can be an event in and of itself, and now, while the weather is sublime, is a great season to do it. My friend and I took home purchases large and small (I found an exquisite Italian platter), gleaned great ideas for our houses, created major wish lists, and had enormous fun. We’re already talking about her next trip.

Enjoy this issue, and let me hear from you.


Christine Allison
Editor and Publisher
[email protected]

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