Christine Allison On Changes At D Home

Meet the newest members of the D Home family.

Dear Reader
A new crowd is hanging at

the water cooler these days, and it’s noisy and fun. D Home’s founding editors Todd Johnson, Jennifer Dodd, and Mary Candace Evans are now joined by David Feld, who will serve as creative director of the magazine. If you don’t know what creative director means, take this issue and set it next to our last. I think it means magician.

D Home is also creating a brand-new publication, The Dallas Design Book, which will be a once-a-year resource for interior designers, architects, and discerning clients. Rebecca Sherman will serve as executive editor of this smart and elegant new guide. Rebecca has wide experience covering home and design, and her work at PaperCity is legion. The Dallas Design Book is one of numerous new publications she is creating for our parent company, and we are thrilled to have her in our midst.

Our inaugural issue of The Dallas Design Book.

While D Home’s staff may be new and improved, our May/June issue is a celebration of the old or, better said, enduring. Too often in our business we have a Pavlovian response to new and trendy, but that is not the stuff of which real style is made. David brought two deeply stylish Dallas interiors to this issue: one, a shimmering, 24-year-old Turtle Creek penthouse by Loyd-Paxton; the other, a lyrical, Bud Oglesby-designed Highland Park home. Both residences embody old-guard Dallas, and, though they are as different as Brook Hollow and the Dallas Country Club (smile), they both project a self-assured, personal brand of decorating. Whether these homes reflect your personal taste or far from it “study them. They offer not only fascinating lessons in color, light, and composition but also the joy of life.

Enjoy your life, and keep those e-mails coming. I love hearing from you.


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