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Tudor-Style Homes

Tudor-style homes, whether modest or grand, take their cues from Old World architecture.
By Virginia McAlester |

ENGLISH ANCESTRY: Tudor houses, whatever their size, are
characterized by prominent front gables, curved arches, oversized chimneys, and tall, narrow windows.

American Gothic

Tudor-style homes, whether modest or grand, take their cues from Old World architecture.


Kessler Park
1030, 1034, 1038, 1029, 1109, 1110, 1114, 1123, 1217, and 1235 Lausanne Ave.

1414 W. Colorado Blvd.

1022 and 1122 N. Montclair Ave.

1200, 1207, 1211, 1215 and 1344 N. Windomere Ave.

Swiss Avenue Historic District
6147, 6159, 6205, 6209, 6219, 6223, and 6243 La Vista Dr.

5744, 5812, 5816, 5819, 5908, and 6005 Swiss Ave.

West Highland Park
4209, 4223, 4229, 4235, 4263, 4266, 4300, 4309, and 4401 Bordeaux Ave.

4305 and 4400 Arcady Ave.

4304, 4305, 4312, 4316, 4319, 4320, 4331, 4401, 4405, and 4417 Lorraine Ave.

4218 Fairfax Ave.

6726, 6738, 6758, 6861, 6907, 6921, and 6940 Lakewood Blvd.

In the 1920s, much like the 1990s, a bullish stock market ruled, and one architectural style became so popular during that decade that it was often called Stockbroker’s Tudor. A favorite among newly affluent homeowners, American Tudor houses are based on a wide variety of medieval English prototypes, ranging from thatch-roofed folk cottages to grand manor houses. In Dallas, look no further than Greenland Hills and Hollywood Heights to see how this style dominated entire neighborhoods; wonderful, large examples are also scattered throughout Kessler Park, West Highland Park, Swiss Avenue, and Lakewood.

Variety is a hallmark of Tudor homes, but they’re easy to identify from a set of common features “chief among them a steeply pitched roof with a prominent front-facing gable. (In the Middle Ages, thatched and slate roofs required a high pitch to reliably shed water.) Massive chimneys, sometimes with decorative chimney pots, are often prominently featured. Tall, narrow casement windows (windows that open outward on side hinges) are usually found in at least one set of windows.

Look also for entry doors and porches featuring a rounded arch or the slightly more ornate Tudor arche”a flattened variation on the pointed Gothic arch. Though generally considered a hallmark of the style, decorative half-timbering, which displays the original English method of construction, can only be found in about half of all Tudor homes. Many in Dallas feature buff-colored brick with decorative rust-colored stone ornamentation, made from local clays and East Texas ironstone “a wonderfully picturesque combination not found in most other cities.

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