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Christine Allison On Our Wellness Issue

Our first wellness issue explores how Dallas lives.
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Dear Reader

The first time I heard about yoga, I was a twentysomething, sitting in a pub in England, marveling at how weak my vodka tonic was. A middle-aged man was telling me in low tones “and in earnest” how he had studied yoga in India and was looking for a woman who shared his interest in exotic physical practices. I think I mumbled something along the lines of are you kidding me? and ordered another vodka.

Today, yoga is about as exotic as ping-pong and probably a much more effective come-on. You don’t have to travel to India to find a teacher; yoga classes are conducted everywhere from senior residences to high schools, where even steely quarterbacks can be found doing downward dog. If yoga were just another means to thin thighs, I wouldn’t be writing about it in D Home. But yoga is about living; it’s about a deeper, more mindful approach to life. In Dallas, hundreds of yoga classes have been established in the past 12 months, signifying a great impulse in our city to get well.

Thus, we have created this, our first Wellness Issue, to see how Dallas people in our midst are living right “from a North Dallas family and their designer, David Cadwallader, who created a home that has drastically reduced their allergies to a Lake Forest couple who designed a magnificent spa bath to decompress body and mind. We also present a remodel by a newly married architect and her husband, a life planner, who made their inner lives a priority and created an interlinked meditation corner, spa bath, and outdoor room to literally make space for their souls. 

The ancients always placed body and mind in equal stead. In Dallas, the body has always been king: fitness rules, and we probably have more exercise rooms per capita than any major city in the country. But I like the idea of making a room “or a designated corner” for our souls. Whether it’s a candle in your bathroom, a little chapel in an alcove, or a cushion on the floor, hang on to this idea.

Be well.


Christine Allison
editor and publisher

[email protected]

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