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Meet Drew Slone: The Finance Lawyer Who Doubles as a Strongwoman Competitor

Some lawyers make a living suing trucking companies. Slone, the local Locke Lord attorney and financing guru, opts to pull the trucks instead.
| |Photography by Sean Berry

Locke Lord attorney, Drew Slone, wants to apologize to her neighbors. The public development finance lawyer is up at 4 a.m. every day slinging weights and later in the day drags sleds and throws sandbags in a gym she built in her garage. It’s all training for feats of strength like pulling 18,000-pound trucks across parking lots. During working hours, she has been the behind-the-scenes force on the bond funding for numerous DFW projects such as the Statler Hotel, Collin Creek Mall, and the $4.5 billion Legacy Hills project. 

In her spare time, she focuses on weighty matters of a different kind, including pulling 18-wheeler trucks 40 feet—which is just one of many intense strength tests that contenders in strongman and strongwoman competitions must complete. Last year, Slone qualified for her first Official Strongman Games, a three-day event with nearly 400 participants. She was disappointed in her performance, so this year, she’s training to redeem herself. At her most recent event, the Battle Axe Showdown V at Battle Axe Barbell gym in Garland, she walked away with her second consecutive win. 

Slone, who ran marathons during college and did CrossFit for 13 years, got her start in strongwoman during her stint at Winstead. So, in 2021, Slone—who has secured $3 billion in capital financing for clients throughout her career—began working out at Battle Axe Barbell and training for her first strongwoman competition. Things got off to a rocky start. 

“For 28 straight days, I worked 15 hours a day trying to tie together $110 million in bond funding,” she says. “And by the time the competition rolled around, I couldn’t use my hands—my husband had to help me type. So, it didn’t go well.” 

At her second competition, she finished on the podium. In her third, she took home the gold in two weight classes. “This hobby was the space I gave myself to fail and not be so critical of myself,” Slone says. “In my training, I taught myself the proper strongman movements through YouTube videos. And in my career, I had to teach myself about development. That same curiosity has been the chief driver in helping me become a better lawyer.”

Slone’s thirst for adrenaline does not just materialize in pulling vehicles. She recently qualified to earn her sports car racing license, and you can spot her driving her Porsche Macan around Dallas with the license plate “BondXX.”  

As the years go by, Slone says she has seen more women get involved in strongwoman competitions, but “not enough professionals make time for this stuff,” she says. “It’s incredibly empowering to strength train and compete, and I wish more women would get involved. I want to inspire the woman who thinks she’d never even be able to pick up a stone to go and drag a truck—plus, it looks really cool.”


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