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Faces of Consulting

Slalom Consulting.
|Photography by Matthew Shelley
Left: Christi Giffin, Director, People Business Partnership; Bob Bloem, Managing Director, Data & Analytics; Becca Mckay, Managing Director; Jaime Grassi, General Manager; (Seated); Alan Moore, Managing Director Right: Grant Joung, Managing Director, Slalom Build; Lindsay Groves, Director of Talent Acquisition; Cindy Tran, Managing Director; Sara Eaton, Managing Director, Technology Enablement; Wayne Gentile, Managing Director; Ashley Miller, Senior Marketing Manager

Dallas-Fort Worth, one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S., is a hub for innovation, and Slalom has played a significant role in this statistic. Just as important as Slalom’s consulting services are the people behind its success. Their commitment is the reason Slalom has become a $2.9 billion global consulting firm in 44 markets across the world. It’s clear that Slalom’s team members love what they do, and their clients recognize this. The synergy created by the positive working relationships between clients and consultants is evident. Slalom’s entire framework and methodology, based on how the company defines and measures “customer love,” is coupled with living its core values to create the Slalom magic.

“It’s all about our people,” says Jaime Grassi, general manager. “We are a global company with 14,000 people, but it doesn’t feel that way because of the focus we place on community and relationships. We focus locally and bring in global talent to augment our capabilities, which strengthens our connection with clients. We are in a fortunate position to leverage our global scale.”

Because Slalom is equipped to help clients achieve their most critical objectives, the company is often the only one in the room that can connect with both sides. What Slalom has discovered in the last 20-plus years is that when consultants are immersed in and enjoying their work, they engage more deeply and deliver exceptionally for clients.

“We hire people who are excited to give back and want to be part of something bigger,” Grassi says. “Our employees are interested in what the company is doing as a whole and from a diversity, equity, and inclusion standpoint. They are interested in how they can bring their whole selves to work and to our clients. We are so much more than great consultants.”

With a goal to add more than 600 people to their Dallas-Fort Worth team by 2025, Slalom is excited to expand its services team-wise and geographically. It’s a modern, yet established technology company that has been able to continually capture the excitement of new beginnings, particularly with its recent expansion to nearby states, including Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, to serve a broader area. “Texas—Dallas-Fort Worth in particular—is such a hotbed for businesses and people moving here from other states,” Grassi says. “We are just getting started, and there is so much opportunity to bring the goodness of Slalom to even more clients.”

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