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Meet the Dallas 500: Dev Rastogi

The vice president and Dallas executive for AECOM talks about her leadership strategies, what she would change about the construction industry, and more.

It’s an exciting time to be in the infrastructure business, says Dev Rastogi, who leads the Dallas office of AECOM. Tech advances and transportation electrification is sparking a change in U.S. cities, she says, and fleets and utilities will bring social, environmental, and economic change through the deployment of new transportation tech. “It’s not just about converting vehicles; cities, utilities, and fleet owners must also develop new infrastructure,” Rastogi says. “AECOM is accelerating the adoption of zero-emission technologies supporting transit agencies in their electrification efforts. We’re developing tools and models to apply innovative solutions to how we plan, design, finance, and deploy transportation and energy infrastructure to drive our zero-emissions future.” 


Washington University (BS)


Edinburgh, Scotland

Leadership Strategies

“The strategy I think is most important is fostering a culture that encourages teamwork, collaboration, initiative, and creativity. When team members feel their knowledge and experience are valued, they are more likely to be invested in outcomes.”

Nonprofit Cause

“As a cancer survivor, organizations that focus on awareness and cancer research are particularly important to me.”


“I like to garden.”

Local Fare

“I recommend the lunch buffet at India Palace. There is something for everyone, whether you already like Indian food or want a great sampling of options to try.”

Go-To Advisor

“Wendy Lopez. She and I have been business partners, colleagues, and friends for many years.”

Toughest Challenge

“You don’t learn about cash flow and P&L statements in engineering school. When I became a COO, I had to build business acumen.”

First Car

“I learned to drive in a silver Ford Pinto hatchback. “

Industry Change

“The engineering industry needs a diverse workforce with more minorities and women, especially in leadership positions. Having a team of engineers with diverse backgrounds brings broader perspectives that are needed to develop better solutions.”

Destinations of Choice

“I love to travel and experience different cultures. My favorite destinations are the Bahamas for a beach vacation, India to see family, and London, Paris, or Rome for great food, museums, and culture.”

Walk-up Song

“I’d choose ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys. It’s a reminder to follow your passion and let go of anything that is holding you back.”


“I recommend Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton. This book and the Strengths Finder tools are great for everyone who wants to understand themselves better. It is about putting your focus on the areas you are strongest and outsourcing your weaknesses to others who excel in those areas.”

Spirit Animal

“An owl best encapsulates my character.”

Best Advice

“Say yes to the things that scare you or where you think you don’t have the experience.”

Alternate Reality

“I’d be a diplomat—influencing the world in a positive way.”


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