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Dallas Energy Executives Share Top Wins From 2022

The top execs at City Electric Supply Co., Ricochet Fuel Distributors, and Oncor Electric Delivery pull back the curtain on recent proud moments.
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Kelly Roberts, Allen Nye, Thomas Hartland-Mackie Jake Meyers

When talking with energy executives throughout Dallas, they all speak glowingly of the 2022 their companies have posted. Tri Global Energy continues to lead the state as the top wind energy producer—a list it has topped since 2012. Matador Resources Co. quadrupled its dividend, paid off its commercial debt, and increased production to over 100,000 BOE per day. U.S. Carbon Capture developed three industrial carbon capture projects in Texas. And much more.

For our November issue of D CEO, we asked three energy executives to share their top wins of 2022. Here is what they had to say:

Thomas Hartland-Mackie
President and CEO, City Electric Supply Co.


“Despite the challenges of the pandemic and supply-chain issues, we finished our biggest fiscal year ever in April 2022. In the past five years, our business has doubled. We’ve committed to providing our customers access to renewable energy, acquiring Soligent, the largest pure-play solar distributor in the Americas. We’re thinking ahead to the future and recently added several global positions to integrate our efforts worldwide.”

Kelly Roberts
CEO, Ricochet Fuel Distributors


“I am gradually passing the baton to my daughter, Cass, who will take over running Ricochet Fuel Distributors in a few years. Being able to share my knowledge while allowing her to bring in new ways to be successful and set a vision for the company has been a delight. I’m having to learn how to step aside and be quiet, but watching her lead and design our future strategy is what excites me most about the future.”

Allen Nye
CEO, Oncor Electric Delivery


“Oncor is coming off one of the best years in the history of our company. From our $770 million in earnings to the more than $2.5 billion in capital we deployed across our system, we’re seeing unprecedented growth across our service territory. We connected 70,000 new homes and businesses to the grid last year, one of the highest organic premise growth rates in recent company history; it is a clear sign of our state’s continued strength.”


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