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Faces of Consulting

Go-to consultants with strategy, technology, and experience.
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Left to Right, Bottom Row: Ryan Gilmour, Managing Director, Business Advisory Services; Christi Giffin, Senior People Business Partner; Cindy Tran, Managing Director, Markets Team; John Hill, General Manager; Bob Bloem, Managing Director, Data & Analytics; Lindsay Groves, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition. Left to Right, Top Row: Stefan Wilson, Senior Sales Director; Grant Joung, Managing Director, Slalom Build; Sara Eaton, Managing Director, Technology Enablement; Alan Moore, Managing Director, Markets Team; Kelly Roberts, Chief of Staff Matthew Shelley

“In the consulting world, there are a lot of flavors—tech, business, advisory, management—and many firms specialize more heavily in one or two areas. “Slalom is different,” says Slalom general manager John Hill about the $2.8 billion global consulting firm. “Our secret sauce is that we specialize in and connect a number of consulting services to achieve an outcome or objective.” Strategy, technology, experience, and business transformation to start. But just as important as Slalom’s consulting services are the people behind its growth and success. “Slalom’s relentless focus on people is our significant differentiator,” says Kelly Roberts, chief of staff. “We take an inside out approach in how we operate and how we serve. We love what we do, we love how we do it, and we love our clients.”

Slalom built the right environment and culture to connect and deliver, and it shows in its quality of work. Slalom’s entire framework and methodology, based on how the company defines and measures “customer love,” is coupled with living its core values every day to create the Slalom magic. “We look at those results, study those results, and talk to our clients about those results,” Hill says. “We live our values, and it shows when clients tell us they know everything will be OK when they see a Slalom consultant in the room.”

As Slalom is uniquely equipped to help clients achieve their most critical objectives through both strategy and execution, the company is often the only one in the room that can see and connect both sides.  What Slalom has discovered and validated in the last 20-plus years is that when consultants are engaged and enjoying their work, they engage more deeply and deliver more exceptionally for clients. “We become friends and trusted advisors to our clients by forming long-term relationships—not many consulting firms can say that,” Hill says.  

Slalom’s love of people, community, and solving the hardest problems is a critical piece of—as Hill describes it—the “secret sauce.”

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