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Faces of Construction

Science-backed solutions so employees feel safe at work.
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Left to Right: Andy Kirby, Erich Spelman, Tim Willett not Pictured: Jose Rivera, Brian Phillips Matthew Shelley

There’s no time like the present to prioritize global health, and the future of the biopharmaceutical industry is more crucial than ever. DPR Construction is one of the leading technical general contractors across the globe specializing in highly complex projects, especially the critical life science industry. Along with their other core markets—healthcare, higher education, advanced technology, and commercial office and hospitality–DPR is committed to being industry experts. DPR’s regional and local Dallas-Fort Worth life sciences market leaders are just that. 

Whether it’s a company studying cells, robotics, or chemicals, DPR’s teams are committed to understanding the kind of state-of-the-art facilities needed to conduct groundbreaking research and efficient manufacturing of an array of medications and treatments. DPR builds cutting-edge spaces that challenge norms and foster discovery, equipping the company’s heroes in lab coats and hazmat suits to change the world. When it comes to developing the next generation of treatments, vaccines, and healthcare technology, time is a precious resource—especially today. That’s why DPR prioritizes schedule certainty, cost predictability, and swift adaptability to ensure project delivery that’s as efficient as it is innovative. 

DPR doesn’t just build facilities, though—they are constantly learning and appreciating what happens inside of them, too. This grasp of evolving regulations, good lab practices, complex processes, and the technology that makes it possible drives success. DPR’s expertise is beyond the lab, too—company can also build state-of-the-art structures for the rest of your campus. DPR has the expertise to assemble a workplace that puts the latest scientific technology in your hands and makes your employees feel at home while at work.

The Dallas-Fort Worth life science market specialists are passionate, experienced, forward-thinking builders who collaborate in a culture of shared leadership, making it possible for unique strengths and subject matter experts to decide how to best plan and execute each project. DPR is a company of builders who exist to build great things—projects, people, partnerships, and the biopharma industry—all life-saving breakthroughs that impact the world.

DPR Construction
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