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Face of Organ and Tissue Donation

Saving lives through the gift of donation.
By D Partner Studio | |Matthew Shelley
Matthew Shelley

For Southwest Transplant Alliance, the numbers tell a lifesaving story: 430 organ donors gave life, 698 tissue donors gave healing gifts, and 1,322 lifesaving organs were recovered in 2021 alone. Since its inception, STA has and impacted more than 37,000 lives.

Dallas-based STA is a nonprofit organ procurement organization that saves lives by fulfilling the gifts of organ and tissue donation. Brad Adams, STA president, says the organization plays a behind-the-scenes role as a liaison between the donor hospital and recipient and is driven each day by the donors across Texas who selflessly give the gift of life.

STA works with hospitals across its 89-county service area to ensure those who wish to leave a legacy through donation can do so. STA supports families throughout the process by facilitating grief counseling and honoring donor heroes, ensuring a loved one’s legacy is remembered. STA also provides trained clinical professionals who evaluate viable organs for donation. In addition, STA educates communities about the lifesaving impact of organ donation. 

“The logistics behind our work are incredible,” Adams says. “I often say it’s like a 3,000-piece puzzle we are attempting to solve. Donation can’t happen without all 3,000 pieces, so it’s amazing when it all comes together. From there, it’s even more amazing when a donor’s family and a recipient meet, and they can very personally realize the impact of their loved one’s gift.”

Adams frequently addresses lawmakers to drive an increase in organ donation and works to promote accountability, transparency, and equity so everyone has equal access to donation. “People typically only encounter organ donation when they update their driver’s license,” he says. “Texas has about 55 percent of people registered as organ donors, but more than 90 percent support organ donation. We are always working to increase registration because it’s not typically a part of someone’s everyday experience.”

There are more than 10,000 Texans waiting on a lifesaving organ transplant. Register to become an organ donor at or at Your legacy begins with a simple “yes.”

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