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Face of Business Litigation

Collaborating with clients for a win.
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Matthew Shelley

Sitting as the current chair of FBFK’s Litigation Group is trial lawyer James “Jim” Davis. With 35 years in commercial and financial litigation, Davis believes in a strategic approach with clients, undertaking cases with the question, “What does a win look like?” as his groundwork. “Smart Aggression,” as Davis coins it, is an FBFK cultural value built on a foundation of genuine client care and calculated financial decisions.

“Our bottom line with clients is that their needs are understood,” he says. “We keep their goals in mind, we choose the most cost-efficient strategy, and they get a good return on investment.”

While FBFK believes in progressive thinking, the company doesn’t believe in growth just for growth’s sake. With the Houston office added in 2018 and the Austin office added in 2021, FBFK expects to expand, training more litigation attorneys who are willing to integrate into their problem-solving culture.

“We hire and train our litigation attorneys to be strategic, to always keep the clients’ goals in mind, and to always look to develop a unique strategy designed to achieve that result in an efficient, cost-effective way,” Davis says.

The firm is rooted in Dallas’ diverse and busy economy, making the city a hotspot for litigation services. With the many quick and unprecedented changes 2022 has brought thus far, the FBFK law firm braces for an upsurge of Dallas business disputes.

“There’s just a lot of change happening,” Davis says. “And change creates tension and disruption, which then leads to disputes and litigation. We are expecting to see a large uptick in disputes in 2022 as people sort things out.”

Davis adds, “All too often clients assume that going to court is the solution—and it may be. But court is costly and time intensive. That’s where experience and strategy come into the picture. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective, efficient way to help our clients reach their goals.” 

What you really want is someone who is calm, methodical, and who employs what I call smart aggression. You want to be aggressive in that you’re proactively pushing for the resolution of the dispute; however, you need to be smart about it, avoiding battles you have no chance of winning.”

The firm prides itself on grounding its efforts in achieving the objectives they and their clients have agreed upon—delivering on “What’s a win here?” —and doing so as collaborative partners along the way.

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