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DFW Business Leaders Share What Has Them Most Excited About the Future

From tech advancements to societal shifts, Nancy Brown, Byron Sanders, and Debra Brennan Tagg believe the future is bright.
Illustrations by Jake Meyers

A strong future is built upon a strong present. The foundation is being laid this very moment for what the next five, 10, and 20 years will look like. One brick at a time, each of us plays a role in building a blossomed future.

Dallas residents, Americans, and the entire globe are experiencing life in tumultuous times. But, out of the turbulence, can come triumph. The City of Dallas has responded to COVID-19 with unwavering resolve, answered the call to push the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has begun to forge the next generation of leaders.

Featured in D CEO’s September issue, Nancy Brown, Byron Sanders, and Debra Brennan Tagg are contributing to building a strong future. The three executives shared what has them most excited about what is to come.

Nancy Brown

CEO, American Heart Association

“Innovation. The pandemic has sparked the great creativity and mobility of the human spirit. At the American Heart Association, within three weeks of the pandemic being declared, we stood up a novel COVID-19 patient registry to capture valuable data from those diagnosed with coronavirus and aid research, treatment, and risk factors. Innovations by businesses and individuals have led to new, smarter strategies.”

Byron Sanders

President and CEO, Big Thought

“Gen Z is something special; this generation has the audacity to dream and the temerity to act. The driver seems to be principle over everything else. The last time we saw this kind of conviction from a generation, during the Civil Rights movement, we saw leaps forward toward a more verdant society. I think we’re living in similar times, and I want to do what I can to empower this generation as much as humanly possible.”

Debra Brennan Tagg

President, Brennan Financial Services 

“Although I am saddened by the events that led to an awakening of racial bias, inequity, and injustice, I am grateful for the light that seems to be shining on the need to work to fix it. The Dallas business community has always been the biggest ingredient in this city’s special sauce, and I have faith that leaders who step up to fight for permanent positive change will lock arms to provide more opportunity to those who need it.”

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