Sara Madsen Miller


Sara Madsen Miller’s Style Is a “Unique Martini You Won’t Find on Every Menu”

The bold style of 'Dream Maker' Sara Madsen Miller, Principal at 1820 Productions, is on full display.

Sara Madsen Miller leads Emmy award winning video production company 1820 productions as chief operating officer and executive producer. Her company has made commercials, television shows, and documentaries while partnering with the likes of Frito-Lay, 7-Eleven, and Toyota while producing work for ABC, BET, and Discovery. Here, she discusses how her grandmother’s style inspires her today and how she is a reflection of her industry. 

What I Do: “I manage operations and business development for 1820 Productions. I also executive-produce visual content for television networks, ad agencies, and corporations. Unofficially, I’m called the ‘dream maker.’”

Style Icon: “My grandmother was my original style icon. Her daily fashion in the ’70s rivaled the flair of Diana Ross, Olivia Palermo, Beverly Johnson, and Iman rolled into one.”

On the Job: “My work style is a reflection of my personality and an extension of the creative industry I’m in and represent.”

Inspiration: “My husband would say he is my inspiration, but the truth is, I’m inspired by him and magazines like Essence, In-Style, Vogue, and Ebony.”

Style Defined: “A unique martini that you won’t find on every menu.”

Fashion Essential: “Really cute shoes and a back-up pair of flats.”

Go-To Look: “Midnight black attire with a red lip gloss.”

Accessories: “I accessorize by putting on layers of jewelry and textures then looking in the mirror and asking myself, ‘Is this too much?’ And then adding one more thing.”

Weekend Look: “On the weekends, I wear comfy and fun athleisure and chic sweatsuits.”

Favorite Store: “I’m a lover of fashion and a great sale, so wherever that is, I’m there. If you’re forcing me to select one store, though, I’d choose Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York. The December shoe sale is like transporting me to heaven on earth.”


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