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Encore Enterprises’ Dr. Bharat Sangani On Rebuilding and Making His Father Proud

The chairman and CEO shares his pathway from cardiologist to commercial real estate executive.

Dr. Bharat Sangani had $10.45 in his pocket when he emigrated from India in 1983. Already a physician, the 26-year-old came to America to pursue training as a cardiologist. He took that pocket change and went on to build one of the largest cardiology treatment centers in Mississippi. Discovering a knack for real estate, Sangani formed a side business and has since closed more than $2.9 billion in deals through his investment and development firm, Dallas-based Encore Enterprises.

“Health, wealth, and wisdom.” Bharat Sangani believes these to be the keys to success and happiness in life. This cardiologist, real estate investor, and life mentor has taken these mantras and applied them to every aspect of his life since he was young. It has paid off, and his resume of specialties keeps growing as well as his success in the DFW area.

Bharat grew up in Mumbai, India, and throughout his childhood and young adult life, his dad was always a great inspiration, although his dad did not always show it. After receiving his medical degree in India and winning the gold medal award in his MD Exam (a highly competitive and regarded award), Bharat recalls being so excited to tell his father in hopes of him showing how proud he was of his son. He did not get the reaction he wanted with his father giving him a simple “okay.” But the response hid his father’s pride. “I had forgotten something in the house that day, and when I went back to my room, my dad was calling everybody telling them that his son got the gold medal. He was thrilled, but he did not acknowledge it to me because he didn’t want me to stop and think I accomplished life.” After this reassurance, Bharat took the United States by storm, with Columbus, Ohio being his first stop in 1983 at the age of 26.

“There was no fear. There was a tremendous amount of excitement,” Bharat recalls on his journey from India to the United States. “This country is considered a land of opportunity. So, I was filled with a lot of enthusiasm and positive feelings. I did not have a job or anything, but I knew that if I was good, I will make it over here.” With a medical degree under his belt from his home country, Bharat went on to attend his residency in cardiology at the Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus.

“Raising the bar every time you achieve something was instilled in me by my father to always be answered,” Bharat says. The next step in his career would lead him to Gulfport, Mississippi, a town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he would first dip his toes in the real estate industry. Bharat, his wife Smita, and his father-in-law went into business together and built a hotel in Gulfport. Bharat sold this business for about a $2 million profit just before Hurricane Katrina washed it away and other businesses and homes along the Gulf Coast. This prompted him to uproot his business and locate it in a more mild and predictable climate, choosing between Dallas and Atlanta. He ultimately chose Dallas.

Bharat came to Dallas with great potential that would be realized with his expansion of Encore Enterprises, a commercial real estate investment company. As the Chairman and CEO, the firm is responsible for nearly $2.9 billion in real estate transactions. Being a successful businessman, Bharat has decided to spend much of his time pursuing his passion as a mentor to young entrepreneurs. He launched a 12-month course called “Life is a Business,” where each student enrolls in a custom-made course that helps develop their business plan. Bharat is intentional in teaching his mantra of “health, wealth, and wisdom” in this course, hoping that his students will find these to be the keys to happiness and success.

Encore Enterprises, along with his other lucrative endeavors, can be seen as a testimony from his self-reliant and perseverant attitude instilled by his father at a young age. “Nothing is ever enough for me. I like to go to the next level.” DFW awaits to see what is next for this savvy business tycoon.

Happy Family
Sangani at age 37 with his wife Smita and daughter Nili in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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