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On Topic: Dallas Leaders Share Key Strategies On Leading Through Periods of Rapid Change

David Berg, Pedro Fabregas, and Kelly Brett Roberts talk performance management, candid stakeholders, and maximized opportunities.

David Berg

CEO, European Wax Center

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“We’ve established four strategic pillars to build upon long-term growth: implementing efficient enterprise tactics, accelerating unit growth, delivering a 360-guest experience, strengthening people, and performance management. A focus on the customer is also crucial. One of my earliest jobs was working in a small, family-owned butcher shop that competed with major chain grocery stores. The owner of the meat market understood the power of service and making a personal connection with his customers. What I experienced there has stuck with me.”

Pedro Fábregas

CEO, Envoy Air

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“Transparency allows us to be candid about objectives, expectations, and the challenges that the team will likely face. Teamwork establishes interdepartmental collaboration from the start to incorporate all perspectives. Accountability holds each team member responsible for their role. Sending regular, consistent, and candid stakeholder updates during transitions is key to maintaining employee engagement and demonstrating that you value your team. To keep your team motivated during challenging periods of change and growth, celebrate milestones throughout the journey—not just the final achievement.”

Kelly Brett Roberts

President and CEO, Ricochet Fuel Distributors

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“Under stress is usually when I am at my best. In the 30-year history of the company, I have had a few periods of rapid growth, and I find them both challenging and exciting. Thinking out of the box and knowing failure is not an option usually works. During one period of huge growth and great opportunity, I found myself in a new position, needing cash flow to maximize opportunity. Growth eats cash. After exhausting my banking and personal investment limits, I started calling friendly competitors in my industry to partner with them. Together, we maximized the opportunity, and everyone came out on top.”