Global Classic: Lynch says she is inspired by travel and old movies. Elizabeth Lavin


For Designer Cristina Lynch, Fashion is Feminine But Not Fussy

The Mi Golondrina founder says her mother is her main style icon.

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What I Do: “Mi Golondrina supports artisans and their traditions in Mexico to create a curated luxury line of clothing and unique pieces for home.”

Style Icons: “My main style icon is my mother. She dresses so beautifully and always knows how to wear color. Her closet is full of artisan-made clothing, and her collection of garments has been a constant source of inspiration. I’m inspired by everyone, though, especially when I travel.”

On the Run: “I am always wearing our newest pieces before they launch in our stores and online. I often pair the tops with denim and wear the dresses to work and about town. I want to make sure the fit is perfect and that our customers will enjoy wearing our pieces as much as I do. We have a pretty casual office, and I love seeing what everyone is wearing.”

What Inspires your Style Choices? “So many things: travel, for one, and old films. My husband and I travel a lot, and it sounds cliché, but I take inspiration from architecture, colors in nature, or even what women in a specific city are wearing. And in terms of films, I am a true romantic, so I love seeing stylish, glamorous pieces and transforming them for the modern woman.”

Style Goals: “Feminine but not fussy. Comfortable and cool.”

Weekend Look: “As a new mom, I like to be super comfortable around the clock, but especially on weekends and evenings. You can find me in jeans and comfy tees.”

Favorite Store: “I love Canary. They have the most beautiful selection of clothing and the best iced tea.”


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