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My Toughest Challenge: Jay Still

The Guidon Energy CEO discusses how he finds talented leaders.
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“Starting a company with an employee base of one is a very lonely feeling. Finding talented leaders that can build and manage an organization that are very good in their trade was not as easy as envisioned. The job offer for them is to join me in building a company where you will build your own department and roll up your sleeves and do the work again. You also must walk away from your current employer where you will leave a lot of invested stock and options and there is no guarantee of success in this venture. And, you must invest your money in the venture to join. That is a hard sell for a lot of people. People fantasize about going off and doing something on their own. It sounds like a great adventure. But selling an unknown future, and presenting it to people who work for companies that have assets and are fully operational—it’s a big risk for a lot of people.”