My Toughest Challenge: Erica Hicks Anderson

The founder and CEO of PR VEIN discusses how she unwound a merger.

“I went into an acquisition last year, and eight months later, I had to revoke the merger because it was not a good fit for us. I saw some red flags three months into it, but because I had invested so much time and money, after I brought clients over and new clients in, I felt like I had to make it work and fix the problems and get the company back to a good place. Ultimately, though, I realized my new partners and I did not do business the same way. It took me a month to tell them that I was leaving, and they did not take the news very well. I had to lean on my accountant, my financial planner, and my attorney to guide me through the process. I went through a huge legal battle, a lot of legal fees, a lot of back and forth with my partners, angry emails and text messages—even on social media; it was really intense. You never know what you’re getting in to until you actually get into it and see things for yourself.”


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