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My Style: Carla Rosenberg

The SVP of Lagardere Plus takes a page from Blake Lively's book.

What do you do?
“I run the charity events and management practice for the global partnership marketing agency, Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, which is based in New York. Our team provides expertise to athletes, professional sports teams and brands, as well as nonprofit clients looking to build or enhance their charitable activities.”

Who is your style icon?
“I am loving how expressive and bold Blake Lively is in her suit choices, and how she can turn it around and look so graceful and elegant when she wears a dress.”

How does your work influence what you wear?
“My job is versatile, and as a result, I have to adapt accordingly. I could be setting up for an event, so I need to be casual and comfortable, and then I have just 15 minutes to put a red carpet look together in a bathroom stall. On other days, I’m either in meetings or at a sporting event. So I love a look that can take me from one element to another, day to night, and of course, a stylish shoe that lets me walk around all day without discomfort.”

 What inspires your style choices?
“If it weren’t for Kristin Smith with The Clad Life, I wouldn’t take nearly as many risks in my style choices. She has a unique sense of fashion and expression, and she encourages me and shares styles that always seem to fit my personality. I am so grateful for her input, as it always feels
just right.”

 How would you describe your style?
“I am drawn to classic looks that have an interesting and different cut, design, or flair.”

 Do you have a go-to look?
“Jeans, t-shirt, heels, and a blazer.”

 Favorite Store?


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