Sean Berry


Go Inside the Office of 5G Studio Collaborative Founder Scott Lowe

Lowe shows us around the architecture firm's industrial downtown digs.

In May of 2005, Scott Lowe and four partners, most of whom formerly worked for The Beck Group, launched the Dallas-based architecture firm 5G Studio Collaborative (5G for five guys). Fourteen years later, the company is thriving, with projects around the world and offices in Atlanta, Miami, and Indonesia. Fresh off of its Forty Five Ten project that redefined retail space for Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, 5G is also the mastermind behind the country’s third Virgin Hotel, which will open this fall in the Design District. It is the company’s home base downtown at 1217 Main St. where all of the magic happens. “The idea behind our office is that we’re a 24/7 shop,” Lowe says. “We don’t close. Our office is truly a home away from home for us.”


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