Owner and CEO, Sunwest Communications

Crayton Webb

In September 2017, public relations veteran Andy Stern sold his 36-year-old Dallas PR firm to Crayton Webb, entrusting him to continue the family-business atmosphere. “Our firm is a life[style],” Webb says. Since acquiring Sunwest, the 45-year-old former vice president at Mary Kay Inc. says he’s been focused on three things: “First, running the business, including the culture of the team and the office. Second, growing the business, especially in these past six months. Third, providing advice and counsel [to the] handful of clients who expect my involvement.” Sunwest Communications clients include Victory Park, Exxon Mobil, CBRE, AdvoCare, Mannatech M5M Foundation, and The Catholic Foundation

5:30 am

Wakes up and spends 30 minutes reading daily devotions and the news.

8:00 am

Catches up with a former Mary Kay colleague, Clement Osimetha, at First Watch Café. Orders avocado toast with egg whites and a kale tonic. Osimetha asks how Webb’s four kids are doing. He says: “Good, we’re like walking birth control. My wife hates when I say that.”

9:30 am

Meets with Sunwest Communications accountant Don Turnbow in Webb’s office on the fifth floor of One Galleria Tower. Diplomas, awards, and milestones are scattered around the office. “As you can see, I haven’t fully moved in yet, even though I’ve been here for six months,” Webb says.

10:15 am

Drops off a donation at Dallas’ Genesis Women’s Shelter, where he serves as the men’s auxiliary chairman.

10:30 am

Webb joins his family at Good Shepherd Episcopal School for his son’s blessing.

Heads to Good Shepherd Episcopal School for his son’s blessing. “Balance is important. Family is really important,” he says. “My kids deserve the best of me, not the rest of me.”

12:00 pm

“Well, here’s some irony,” he says as he pulls up next to a Mary Kay Cadillac at Nick & Sam’s Grill for lunch. He meets with Ralph Strangis, former Dallas Stars play-by-play commentator, to talk strategy for his podcasts.

1:30 pm

Webb talks strategy with Ralph Strangis.

Visits Sunwest Communications creative directors for back-to-back status update meetings. Webb visits each office individually to chat about client updates. “What do you need from me?” he asks Sunwest managing director Kim Quirk. “A million dollars,” Quirk says. “Need a check?” Webb says jokingly.

3:30 pm

Webb poses for his portrait as the new chairman of the YMCA board.

Heads over to Gittings Portraiture to pose for his portrait as chairman of the YMCA Board of Metropolitan Dallas.

5:30 pm

Tends to last-minute emails and conference calls, including a call with AdvoCare about the announcement of its new CEO.

7:00 pm

Dinner at home with the family. “Every other week, we’ll have an event that my wife and I will have to attend.”

7:30 pm

Bathes the younger kids and reads “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” to the older ones.

9:30 pm

Watches an episode of “The Americans.”

11:00 pm

Lights out.


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