Founder and Creative Director, The Richards Group

Stan Richards

Stan Richards has been leading The Richards Group since 1976.
Farah Qutub

Stan Richards, Dressed in black from his Patagonia vest to his black circular framed glasses, is ready for another day at The Richards Group. In 1976, Richards, now 85, founded what has become the largest independently owned branding agency in the country, with 66 current clients. “The three things I’m most proud of are being inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame and the Advertising Hall of Fame, as well as the naming of the nationally recognized advertising program at The University of Texas,” Richards says, referring to UT’s Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations. When he’s not managing the company’s 742 employees or swamped with back-to-back meetings, he’s most likely skiing in Utah, fishing in South Padre, or cycling on the 18th floor of Dallas’ Richards Group building.   

5:00 am

Wakes up to walk his Labrador, Abi, around the neighborhood, which is about 12 miles from his office.

7:00 am

Typically does a spin class at his building but doesn’t today because he suffered a hard fall during a recent ski trip in Deer Valley, Utah. He eats the only meal he makes all day, oatmeal topped with blueberries.

9:00 am

Leads meeting with Chrysler strategists to discuss different Jeep Cherokee commercials. He had his hand propped up on his chin the whole time. He turns and asks his team, “How do we want to get this done in three days?”

10:00 am

Meeting with prospective clientele about how to amplify their brands through advertising. Everyone around the table introduces themselves and says how long they’ve worked at the company. When it gets to Richards, he says: “I’m Stan Richards, and I’ve worked here longer than anyone.”

10:50 am

Richards introduces the guests to all 742 Richards Group employees surrounding the staircase. He then leads a game of riddles and awards the winner a “prized” Richards Group T-shirt.

11:00 am

Continues his meeting with prospective clientele by giving a tour of the building, including showing them his not-so-private office, timed nap rooms, and 18th-floor gym that overlooks Dallas.

11:30 am

Grabs a cup of coffee and continues the meeting. He says always asks himself, “How do we build powerful and long-lasting brands?”

12:00 pm

Piles his plate with Blue Mesa steak fajitas, chips, and guacamole, and washes it down with a glass of iced tea while chatting with other employees in the meeting room.

1:00 pm

Replies to emails on his iPad in his spare time, which usually is rare.

3:30 pm

Back-to-back meetings with creative group heads for upcoming projects.

5:30 pm

He leaves the office. As the elevator reaches the first floor, Tom Bodett’s voice plays through the elevator speakers: “We’ll leave the light on for you.”

6:30 pm

Grabs premade dinner plates from Central Market. “If it wasn’t for Central Market, I’d starve to death.”

9:00 pm

Time for bed.

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